Q1:  Can I use my own top level domain just like  mydomain.com?
A:  Yes,you can link your own top level domain or subdomain.

Q2:  What payment type do you support ?
Payment gateways are different depending on the package.
Q3:  Do you charge transaction fees? 
A:  No, you use your own payment gateway account or keys,IDs,you receive the payment directly from your customers.

Q4: What's the difference between FREE TRIAL and Free ?
A:  By default after registration your package is set to Free, if you want to try  the paid plan you can use the form to contact us ,we can upgrade your account to FREE TRIAL package so that you can test everything that not included in free package.it's valid for 14 days.

Q5: Do you offer free SSL?
 A: If you use our subdomain as your store domain , no need to do anything, the SSL is automatically added. if you want to use your custom domain or subdomain, you need to use CLOUDFLARE🔒 (cloudflare.com) 🔐as your DNS provider, because we do not offer SSL, but cloudflare offer free SSL once you point the NS to their address.

Q6: What is your return policy?
A:  If within 30 days you are not satisfied with the service we provide, you can contact us for a full refund guarantee.

Q7: If I upgraded to UFO LIGHT and want to upgrade to UFO GALAXY after a while, do I have to pay again?
A:  If you want to upgrade your package, you can contact us for a refund of the previous package after purchasing the new        one.However, package downgrades must be done after the package cycle is complete.

Q8:  more questions will be added here